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Creators of Spirit



Cole Winokur

One day back in the early 90s, Cole's dad showed him how to make a stop motion animation by taking picture after picture. What he saw when the photos we're played back in a sequence changed his life. Ever since that day, Cole has been fascinated with the art and process of filmmaking.

Currently based out of San Francisco, Cole works as a commercial producer with production companies and ad agencies big and small. Cole has been directing and producing his own films from a young age. He aspires to write and direct feature films.


Nicolas M. Sato

Nico had been writing screenplays since his early teens as an outlet for the stories floating in his head. Not until 2015, did he finally film his first short which solidified that this was the only career worth pursuing.

Living in Los Angeles and working with Shadow Council Productions, Nico continues to freelance and pursue his goals of writing and directing a feature film.